A New Purse Vs. a Dozen Bouquets? I’ll Take the Flowers.

Valentine’s Day was just a few weeks ago, and now Mother’s Day is around the corner. Both are two of the biggest days for sending and giving flowers. And while lots of people turn to bouquets to show loved ones they care, many don’t give the gift of blossoms another thought during the rest of the year. They consider flowers an indulgence or, worse, a waste of money.

I hate hearing people say such things. Because the truth of the matter is that the people who make such statements are, to be very honest, simply uninformed. It’s not their fault, of course. Most Americans just know very little about how to care for flowers. (It’s a different situation in Europe, where the purchase of flowers is as important as a fresh loaf of bread or gallon of milk.) As a result, most consumers receive only a few days’ pleasure from the posies. But the fact is that flower care takes only a few simple steps. And the result is not only extra days but weeks of pleasure from your purchase. (And, truly, the steps are easy: Simply empty the vase water every few days, thoroughly washing and rinsing the container; refill with fresh water and fresh flower food—the little packet you get from the florist—and trim off an inch or so from each flower’s stem before placing them back in the vase. That’s it!)

But besides the obvious beauty flowers provide, actual research—yes, real scientific research—supports the fact that flowers improve our lives. I know, you are rolling your eyes. I’ve heard the skepticism before. But studies have proven that receiving flowers has a direct impact on making us more positive in our outlooks and attitudes. (If you’re interested in the actual research, visit this link to review the work of the Rutgers Ph.D. who has conducted the multitude of studies.)

Whether they are for your own emotional health or simply a way to show others you care, flowers are the antidote to many of life’s dips and trips.


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One response to “A New Purse Vs. a Dozen Bouquets? I’ll Take the Flowers.

  1. Thanks for this! It enlightened me b/c, to be honest, I am that person who loves fresh flowers but can’t justify the expense.

    Your comment about how Europeans treat flowers like a loaf of bread or gallon of milk made me re-think my approach….which is funny since I happen to be a purse designer 😉

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